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The ladies Auxiliary of the Great Notch Fire Company was founded by ##women back in 19??. After several meetings, these women got other women to join them, and on###, 19?? they held their first official meeting at the Fire House. At this meeting, with ??##women in attendance, the first election of officers took place and the auxiliary was officially underway.

It was decided that a monthly meeting would take place on the 1stTuesday of each month, at 8:00 p.m., at the Fire House. The Auxiliary immediately formed a committee to hold their first fund raiser. The fund-raiser was a great success enabling the ladies to assist the fire company. The Auxiliary was very active holding numerous fundraisers as well as assisting the Fire Company with their efforts as well. They helped the men with their fund raisers and served food and coffee to the men during major fires. The Ladies marched in parades with the men and because funds were not plentiful, the Ladies provided their own manner of uniform, making the purchases themselves with their own funds. In the beginning, the Auxiliary consisted of only those women related to the members of the Fire Department. Over the years, this has changed to include women of the community who reside or work in the Town of Little Falls with membership open to all who wish wishing to join. Though membership has fluctuated over the years, the Auxiliary has always remained active. Fund-raisers are still for the benefit of the Fire Company and the community. Donations are made yearly to support the Fire Company. "Throughout the years the first and foremost aim of the Auxiliary is to assist the fireman at any time and we’re always ready to do our part in any project beneficial to the Great Notch Fire Company. They remain the sole ladies auxiliary still active within the township of Little Falls and have taken over the role of supporting the entire Fire Department to include the other three township Fire Companies