A Brief History Of our Company

In 1929, a group of Everyday citizens from the surrounding Great Notch Community got together and discussed the idea of opening a firehouse in the community as to provide better protection to what was at the time one of the fastest growing areas of Little Falls. This was a time in History at the precipice of the Great Depression, our community then as now faced many Challenges. The residents of the Great Notch area petitioned the Township government to recognize the new fire company and provide it with some equipment. The township approved their request and the Great Notch Fire Company Was Born, Some 82 years ago.

From this Humble beginning, a plot of land was acquired along Long Hill Road through Donations and the all volunteer membership of the newly formed Fire Company went about conducting various fund raisers to accrue enough funds so they could secure a mortgage to build a new firehouse on that lot, Designated by the Little Falls Postmaster at the time as 170 Long Hill Road. It took over a year and a half to raise enough cash.

The building was completed by the end of 1930, Our first “apparatus” was an old Cadillac car, donated by the original Great Notch Fire Chief, Chief Ray Seugling. The Township fire chief of the day assigned a 1928 American Lafrance Fire engine to the Great Notch Fire Company and the Business of protecting the community by these citizen firefighters had begun in earnest.   Ray “the Chief” Seugling would go on to be elected Chief of the department by his peers, where he would become one of the Longest serving Fire Chiefs in the History of the Little Falls Fire Department. The Chief would serve the community as an active member of the Great Notch Fire Company for a full 65 years and was still active as a member at the time of his death at the age of 86 in 1994, Demonstrating the true Volunteer spirit that this Nation itself was founded on. His Lifelong dedication to protect his fellow citizens, unselfishly and professionally continues to be an inspiration to all that serve still. The Building located at 170 Long Hill Road bares a Plaque with his likeness and was dedicated to him when it was recently remodeled. A second memorial is adjacent to the building, That being for his wife, Eleanor, who also unselfishly served the community for a like number of years with the Great Notch Ladies Auxiliary. Their demonstration of Volunteerism and service to the community is one of the Great Notch Fire Companies guiding principles.

We have enjoyed a rich and storied History over the past 82 years, Providing Firefighting and emergency services to the residents of the township of Little Falls and Surrounding communities. A history, that unfortunately has had its share of tragedy. We have suffered three Line of Duty Deaths, members giving the ultimate sacrifice. In 1978 Members Pat Alessio and Al capalbo were lost during separate Fire responses and in 1998, Great Notch Fire Company Chief Stephen Gessler was Lost during a Search and Rescue call. The continued tradition of personal sacrifice of the membership and their families continues today. While citizens are warm and dry, comfortably sleeping in their beds Great Notch members answer the call, Fire, Flood, accident, Natural Disaster or other emergency when people are in peril the members of Great Notch Fire Company respond to the call. When out with the Wifes and children, When at Dinner, when enjoying Birthday parties or at Holiday functions, these men and women leave their lives, putting their need second and answer the call.