The Great Notch Fire Company is an all Volunteer Service. Made up of a group of dedicated men and women from the Township of Little Falls and contiguous towns

There are many Levels of Volunteer service that the members fall into as well as our sister organization, the Great Notch Ladies Auxiliary. The Membership Levels are as follows

Regular Member- They are the mainstay of the company. They run the Company on a day to day basis. They are active, State Certified Firefighters who have successfully completed the extensive training required, this being the same training Paid Firefighters are required to have. Our members go through the training on their own time at no cost. To be a regular Member you must be over 18 years of age, pass a comprehensive Physical and of course successful completion of the required Fire academy course of instruction. When we have a full roster we would have 25 regular members.

Auxiliary Members – When a person wishes to join the fire company are voted on as an auxiliary member by the regular members of the company. They remain in this category until the complete the required training to become a State Certified fire fighter and demonstrate a minimum amount of demonstrated service to Little Falls Township through their activity within the Fire Company. After successfully completing all of these they Must pass the same comprehensive medical screening as the regular members. After which they are brought before the regular membership for approval to move up as a regular member of the Company.

Junior Member – This member program is tailored towards the youth of Little Falls. This member category permits youths 16 to 18 years old to explore a carrier in the Fire Service and teaches them the Value of service to your community. They are given many tasks and training short of actual exposure to any hazardous environment or actual fire fighting, they still train alongside our other members and gain valuable life skills through their involvement. Most pursue a carrier in public service and usually stay on and graduate through the company ranks.

Associate Member- This category is available to those who don’t want to or cannot for some reason or another participate in actual firefighting or emergency service but still wish to contribute to the service and welfare of the Fire Company and the residents of Little falls. They must be at least 18 years of age, Pass a background investigation similar to all the above membership category.

Life Membership- any regular member, whom has provided 7 full years of active service to the Fire Company and the residence of Little Falls becomes a life member of the company. This vests all their rights and privileges afforded to regular membership when and if they decide to retire from active service. This is afforded due the major stress and demands of Firefighting places on a person and his/her family.

If you wish to explore becoming a member of the Great Notch Fire Company and being of service to your community Please contact our membership Committee or stop in when you see some cars in our lot, All are welcome. Stop in and see us.